Essential oils for sleeping

Here in Canada, it seems like the seasons change weekly and even more so lately. It was only last weekend that families were out enjoying the sun and soaking up some Vitamin D; however, that came to an abrupt halt due to some sporadic snow. (crazy, I know!)

With all that said, things are looking up.

Spring is slowly making an appearance and with that comes a ton of other positive things. The birds chirping, animals leaving winter hiatus, and all of the flowers are blossoming. Through different flowers and plants, essential oils are extracted.

Essential oils offer many great benefits but who knew they were used to improve sleep.

Essential oils are a great and inexpensive way to help you relax physically and mentally and make it easier for you to fall sleep.

Today, we decided to share with you a well-curated list of essential oils that have been known to improve sleep, relieve stress, uplift mood, and boost performance. With all of those benefits, it’s no surprise that our ancestors used essential oils for medicinal purposes, commonly known today as aromatherapy.

Anxiety and stress are often roadblocks to a full night’s sleep but with the help of aromatherapy and scientific research, the use of essential oils can assist in relieving stress and anxiety symptoms, which in turn, may indirectly help with sleep.

You’re probably asking yourself which oils are the best for catching some zzzs, well here they are:

Coming in at number one is probably one of the most common and beneficial oils to help you sleep, which is Lavender. Lavender is probably the most studied oil on the market and offers a soothing scent that has been associated with sleep and relaxation. Lavender has sedative effects that have the ability to improve the quality of sleep and increase the time spent sleeping.

The second oil to top our list is Vanilla, commonly found in the kitchen. However, Vanilla has a sweet scent that appeals to most people and has historically been used to relieve stress and help you relax. By combining relaxation and an uplift in mood, Vanilla can help relieve anxiety and depression. Its sedative effects lower the rate of restlessness and reduce hyperactivity while lowering blood pressure.

Jasmine, one of my favourite teas, is also used to help improve the quality of sleep, lower restlessness and increase daily alertness. Jasmine, commonly known for its sweet floral scent has actually been more effective than Lavender, with respect to delivering sleep benefits and lowering anxiety.

If you’re just starting out with essential oils, remember that scent is very subjective, and we all react to them a little bit differently. The perfect scents for your relaxation and sleep or those that make you feel relaxed and somnolent. It might take a few different oils and scents before finding the best one for your evening routine.

Let us know if you have a favourite essential oil that you use to help you sleep in the comment section below. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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