How often should you change your pillowcase?

This might seem like a no brainer—but it’s ​something that is often overlooked. I thought changing my pillowcase every other week was sufficient and back when I was in university it was even ​something, I neglected more. I can remember going home to do all my laundry once every couple of weeks.

At the time, it seemed like it wasn’t a big deal BUT I can assure you it really is!

It’s not only unhygienic but it’s not healthy sleeping on the same pillowcase for such a long time. And if you’re asking yourself – why not? Then this post is right up your alley.

Sleeping on the same pillowcase for weeks at a time creates an unhygienic environment ​and I’ll tell you why. The human body sheds 500 million skin cells in a day which is the ideal meal for dust mites ​yea, thats totally gross.

Dust mites found in homes are commonly linked to dermatological and respiratory allergies like eczema and asthma. Further to that point, when you sleep, your skin’s oils, sweat and saliva are absorbed by your pillowcase.

Constantly sleeping on a dirty pillowcase can cause you to break out, so it’s much simpler to just take an extra five minutes and change your pillowcase regularly.

When thinking about refreshing and enhancing your beds cleanliness a good mattress protector can go a long way. Not only will this keep your mattress clean and sanitary, but it will also extend the mattress lifespan, lower the threat of dust mites, and best of all, helps protect the warranty!

Climbing into a clean crisp bed every night is priceless. Personally, now I change my pillowcase every night and bed linens every other day because I always sleep better knowing that everything is super clean and smells wonderful.

Stay fresh and sleep better. Look out for next week’s blog post on the best essential oils for your bedroom!

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