Chiropractic® sleep sets are designed to provide correct postural alignment and pressure relief, allowing the sleeper, regardless of habits, body shape or sleep position, to receive the most restorative, refreshing, and rejuvenating sleep possible.
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Welcome to Springwall

At Springwall, we understand the importance of getting a "Good Night's Sleep" and the positive effects it contributes to maintaining one's active lifestyle, health and well-being. Springwall offers a number of premium brands of bedding, all of which are "Made in Canada", with each focusing on improving the sleep experience to a wide range of consumers.

Our primary goal is to help customers make a bedding purchase decision easier by providing a product that offers:

  • •  Proper Support
  • •  Ultimate Comfort
  • •  Superior Quality
  • •  Added Value

Springwall has a solid reputation of trust and respect from both its retailers and consumers. Customer service is always important to Springwall, so feel free to contact us via e-mail at