Sleep Guarantee – Springwall 2GO

This guarantee applies to direct purchase through

* If you purchased a Springwall mattress from one of our retailers, this guarantee does not apply.
* This exchange is only valid once (1) per mattress purchase

Try the product for a minimum 30 days (this is to give your body adequate time to adjust) over a 90-night trial from the day your mattress is delivered. Try it out in the comfort of your home and make sure it’s right for you. If not, you can exchange it for one of our Springwall 2GO mattresses. The 90-night trial is only valid for purchases.

Should you have any questions or wish to exchange your mattress all you have to do is email and let us know!


Details: We’ve been providing quality sleep to Canadians for over 70 years! We are able to confidently offer an exchange only. There is a $100 Exchange Fee to cover the delivery of the new product, plus the pick-up of your exchanged mattress. In addition, you will be responsible for paying any balance due upon exchange if the retail price of the new item(s) selected is greater than the retail price of the returned item(s).

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