3 Reasons to choose a 2-sided mattress

Springwall has been manufacturing quality sleep sets in Canada for over 70 years and we are one of the few manufacturers that continue to produce exquisite 2-sided mattresses.

You might have heard of or seen a 2-sided mattress but if you haven’t this blog post is a short write up on them.

Simply put a 2-sided mattress is… you guessed it … a mattress with two sides for sleep and double the comfort if you ask me. Since it offers two sides to sleep on, when you flip your mattress, you’re actually giving the bottom side a chance to “air out” and regain its natural shape.

And don’t worry, we offer many different mattresses and each one has their own lists of advantages but for the purpose of this blog post we’re going to focus on the two-sided, aka double-sided, aka flippable mattresses.

Lifespan of a two-sided mattress

The life span of a two-sided mattress is longer than your standard single sided mattresses because it was designed to be flipped and offers two unique sides to sleep on. By reducing the amount of stress and compression put on one side of the mattress, over time, you will increase the lifespan by diversifying which side you sleep on.

This is especially important since most people sleep in the same area of the mattress every night and the foams and springs are continually compressed in those same spots.

Our sleep engineers applied handles to the side of the mattress making it easy to flip.

Superior comfort and weight distribution

A two-sided mattress makes it simple to give the “most used” piece of furniture in your house a well-deserved break. We suggest flipping your mattress every 6 months increasing the level of comfort for a longer period of time. You may decide to rotate the mattress halfway through the 6-month cycle. I personally rotate my mattress every season.

Support and comfort are two of the most important aspects to a better sleep and we want the components and technology of the mattress to offer its best side every time you climb into bed.

By flipping the mattress you’re giving it a break and a chance to regain its natural shape, let the materials settle evenly and revive the contouring properties. Our main focus was designing two sides that remain equally comfortable that can withstand the test of time.

Better for the environment

Since a flippable mattress has two sides for you to sleep on, you won’t need to replace your mattress as often as you would if you chose the standard, single sided mattresses. Our Health and Sleep collection offers comfort on both sides of the mattress and only requires doubling up on the different comfort layers but utilizes the same zoned comfort pockets regardless of which side you choose.

If you’re interested in learning more about our 2-sided mattresses, I encourage you to click the products tab and visit the Sleep & Health collection to learn more about the flippable luxury that you can bring home today.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you find better sleep!

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