Springwall is proud to manufacture the only product that is recommended and endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA).

Why choose Chiropractic®?

Chiropractic® sleep sets are designed to provide correct postural alignment and pressure relief, allowing the sleeper, regardless of habits, body shape or sleep position, to receive the most restorative, refreshing, and rejuvenating sleep possible.

The design elements include at the heart of the mattress, a very firm, yet conforming, innerspring system with a reinforced middle third, to absorb the additional weight of the human trunk or core.

Generous cushioning materials like natural cotton insulators, high density bio foam, bio visco memory foam, natural latex and wool blends are combined to achieve pressure relief and reduce tossing and turning.

Each Chiropractic® sleep system is a mattress and foundation, designed to work together. Springwall’s specially designed DuraSystem™ foundation is a key component. This heavy duty metal base supports the mattress and assures integrity in the sleep set by preventing centre sag, noise and uneven wear.

Chiropractic® is the premier sleep system available today because of ongoing efforts by Springwall and valuable input collaboration from the CCA, to improve the quality of sleep for every individual.

The 2014 Chiropractic® Eco Series collection is the latest in our line of the Chiropractic® brand of sleep sets. Made with Eco Series components, you can sleep with peace of mind knowing you doing your part to help the environment.

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