City Motel

Over the past several years we have been renovating the City Motel and replacing the mattresses with a Euro Top Chiropractic mattress by Springwall.

We have guests commenting on the great mattresses and great sleep they had daily. Our online reviews (Trip Advisor) are heavily focused on the comfortable beds with comments such as; “The Bed was super comfy” and “Best sleep ever” and “I had one of the most comfortable beds ever in all my many hotel stays.”

Springwall has excellent customer service and communication and takes great care of us including ongoing service such as scheduled reminders to rotate our mattresses. Springwall also supplies us with tent cards for the rooms to let our guests know they are sleeping on the only mattress recommended and endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association which really helps put guests in a positive frame of mind and lets them know that City Motel places importance on their quality of sleep.

City Motel has gone from #17 to #7 Hotel in Fredericton since we started renovating the property and the mattresses have been a strong part of this success.  We recommend Springwall and their Chiropractic mattresses for anyone in the hospitality industry.

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