Premium Elite
Premium Elite


The Premium ELITE Comfort Pockets Collection is designed to provide comfort and luxury. The Comfort Pockets system minimizes motion transfer, making it easy for partners to sleep soundly without disturbance. Get a cozy night’s sleep so you wake up feeling rested.




Why Choose Premium Elite Comfort Pockets®?

Our Premium Elite Comfort Pocket Collection offers luxury, comfort and support. Built with only the best quality components and fabrics to ensure a long lasting bed and a great nights sleep.

The temperature moderating Graphite that is infused in the comfort layers, draws excess heat from the body 95% more effectively than conventional foam, leaving the sleeper to enjoy the outstanding support and uninterrupted deep relaxing comfort throughout the night.

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Features & Benefits

Zoned Comfort

Zoned Comfort Pocket Coil System

These independently wrapped pocket coils are zoned in the centre third. The individual coils provide superior contour and support. It greatly reduces motion transfer and the zoning provides optimal support in the centre third of the mattress to support the heaviest part of your body that needs it the most.

Bio Foam

Bio Foam

A durable, polyurethane foam made from soy based oil which provides long lasting comfort, reduces the need for petroleum based chemicals and our carbon footprint

Gel Quilt Foam

Gel Quilt Foam

The top of the mattress is quilted to Super Soft Bio Foam with GEL. The cooling gel is infused throughout the entire surface to maximize the regulation of your body temperature.


PCM ViscoGel

A graphite infused memory foam with surface gel. Graphite infusion conducts heat away from the body and the surface gel helps regulate your body temperature.

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