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Adjustable Beds are for Everyone

Adjustable beds are no longer just for older adults or bed-ridden individuals. Adjustable beds have become a wellness staple because beginning well has a lot to do with getting quality, restorative sleep. With the rising popularity, prices are becoming more affordable and accessible. And, another bonus, if you have a newer mattress, you will likely be able to use it (however, if your mattress is 8 years or older, it is a good time to consider buying a new mattress, please refer to our blog at: Time for A New Mattress?) with your adjustable base. To make things easier for you (the consumer), most mattress manufacturers indicate whether the mattress is ‘adjustable bed friendly’, if not indicated, just ask your sales professional to be sure.


A little Background

Term Adjustable Bed is a misnomer of sorts since the actual bed isn’t adjustable, the base is. The Adjustable Base is usually made up three or four moving parts that independently lower and rise to attain your desired position. Originally intended for use in the healthcare industry, because elevated positions are known to improve oxygen and blood flow in patients who are recovering from ailments, injuries or surgeries.


Adjustable Bases Offer Health Benefits …

As mentioned, you will benefit by using an adjustable base because the technology was created to modify to your bodies ever-changing needs which will make you more comfortable and ultimately result in better sleep. Whether you want better sleep or relief from any of the following:

  • back, leg or joint discomfort
  • pressure point pain
  • acid reflux or indigestion
  • have a cold or flu and too congested to sleep
  • are in your final trimester of pregnancy
  • snore
  • have issues getting out of bed

 – any of these conditions can be improved by using an adjustable base. There are also upgraded models with massage and vibration features which help relax tight muscles and improve blood flow. There are models that are smartphone compatible for ease of use.


Let’s recap

We’ve learned, not lying flat on a bed changes the way gravity affects your body and how different elevations can enrich oxygen in your blood which supplies your vital organs. Inclining your upper body helps keep your spine aligned, reduces pressure on your lower back and hips. For example, if you have lower back pain, a slight incline with a slight elevation of your knees helps reduce pressure, aches and pains. A ‘Zero Gravity’ position (your head is partly elevated, and your feet are raised higher than your heart – (more at: results in significant relief of back pain and boosted blood flow. If you suffer from tired or swollen feet or legs, elevating them reduces the swelling and discomfort and improves circulation. An elevated seated position is known to reduce snoring by opening airways. Lastly, elevating the top portion of your body makes reading or watching television in bed more comfortable as well.

We offer two versions of adjustable bed from REVERIE, see details at: and


Whatever body alignment you need to get comfortable, an adjustable base will help you achieve it.

Sleep Well!

Written By: The Springwall Family

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